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About Us

There is much debate surrounding the best type of smoker. Then further debate over which fuel source gives the best flavour. With too many chefs in the kitchen arguing over what creates the best smoky taste, one thing is unanimous. Nothing tastes better then food cooked on a grill or smoker.

At Best American Grills, we compare each type and fuel source of different smokers to find the best in each of its categories. From the best wood pellets for smoking, to the best vertical charcoal smokers. We strive determine the best in every smoking category.

Unlike other review sites, Best American Grills look at all things barbeques. Including smoking recipes, pellets, charcoals, grills, barbeque accessories, cookbooks and more. If it can be related back to a great American grill, then we want to find the best!

Best American Grills strive to answer barbeque related questions for the backyard barbeque enthusiasts to the grilling champions, and everyone in between.

Meet The Best American Grills Team

Backyard Barbeque Enthusiast- John

Best Backyard Grills

John started as a backyard family barbecuer. It became his role to grill the meat at every gathering as no one could get the seared he could. He started off using a smoker box for his gas grill until one birthday his family surprised him an offset smoker.

John was hooked. At each gathering, John loves to show off his latest rub or sauce with superbly smoked brisket. He can often be found convincing his friends wives to buy a smoker claiming his wife hardly needs to cook anymore.

Passionate about flavour, and the meat being tender. John can often be the harshest critic of smokers, only wanting the best!

Barbeque Meat Critic -MarkBest Smoked meats

Mark has followed his stomach across American in search for the best smoked and grilled meats. A novice barbeque himself, but expert in flavour, spices, rubs, sauces and different fuel sources.

From barbeque hopping across the states, Mark has learned from the best and heard their best kept seasoning secrets.  When it comes to flavour, Mark is adamant he knows the best pellets and charcoals and the significant difference it makes to the meat.

Expert Barbeque Chef- Michael

Best Commercial smoker


Michael has worked in Kitchen’s across all America, from fine dining, to laid back taverns. From all varied work in kitchen, Michael is experienced with many commercial smokers. Often with smokers that can be difficult for the novice barbecuer to use.

‘One of the hardest things with commercial cookers’, Michael says, ‘is making sure the meat stays tender. It is easy when just cooking one cut of meat.’ Reviewing larger and commercial smokers is reserved for Michael.

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